tisdag, mars 09, 2010

My new illustration

I'm starting to develop my Illustrator skills. And here is the result!


fredag, januari 29, 2010

Jackie Kennedy, version 2.0

I have a new Jackie O-outfit! Yeeey!
Bought it this Tuesday at H&M, of course.

Now I have to make six sketches for a flyer for a club, wish me luck!

With love,

onsdag, januari 27, 2010

"Joy is a state of mind. Happiness is in your heart. I choose happiness"

Life is full of surprises and unexpected turns. The best things happen when you least expect it and that is what makes you so happy. I am studying Graphic Design and Typography and now I feel truly alive. It's like I've been waiting for this for such a long time and now it's FINALLY happening! When I can be creative and produce graphic design, draw etc. I feel fulfilled. It's my thing. It's me. It's a feeling of satisfaction unmeasurable to everything else.

And You. The most unexpected thing ever. And so amazingly wonderful I feel like pinching my arm to see if it's really true. If it's for real. And it is. It so is. I didn't know these things existed, it's only what you see in movies and read in fairytales. Now I live my own fairytale, isn't that lovely?


fredag, december 25, 2009

Merry X-mas!

I had a wonderful Christmas Eve, hope you did too!
with love,
/Jackie O

fredag, december 04, 2009

Chocolate love

When life is good it looks like this. A wonderful gift, just the way I like it. Elegant and tasteful. Fine and exquisite. I love chocolate, but which girl doesn't? Dark truffels and pralines with surprising flavours. Oh, joy.

torsdag, november 26, 2009


This is what I look at when I sat behind my desk. Pop art and pictures of lovely friends <3

Studying nerd

Text analysis, ooooh yes!

My latest aquarell painting

I'm still up fighting with this book. It's actually pretty interesting, but I was supposed to finish it by tonight and I don't think I see that coming... 100 pages is a lot to cover in a couple of hours. But hey, tomorrow it's Friday and that is always a good thing! yeey!

Lots of love! Especially to Basia who's b'day it is tomrrow!